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Buying a boat is a major undertaking which should also be a great pleasure. Our aim is to provide a menu of services that make the buying process enjoyable and participative. We want you to feel that nothing was missed or overlooked and that you were in charge throughout. Good research, careful preparation and an experienced helping hand are all invaluable – even to the veteran boat buyer. At Charles Watson Marine we try to share our 35 years of building, buying and selling boats to help you get exactly what you want from your new boat; to that end we believe the following are important considerations when buying a new boat:


Often the first thing to establish is how a new boat is to be financed, and what guarantees are in place to ensure that your money is protected at all times. If paying cash, the process is pretty straightforward and having chosen one of our marques you have the reassurance that you are dealing with some of the longest established builders around; nonetheless you may wish us to arrange bank guarantees from the builders to cover your deposit and any stage payments. You may also be looking to sell an existing boat to cover part of the cost, in which case our brokerage partners, Parkstone Bay Yachts, will be pleased to discuss listing your boat and can also give you a pretty accurate idea of the likely true worth and saleability of your present boat. You may wish to arrange a marine mortgage and we can put you in contact with a number of the leading specialists in this area. It may also be that, depending on your circumstances, you may wish to explore the possibility of lease purchase, which can prove as cheap as or possibly cheaper than paying cash while providing significant cash flow advantages.


Today's boats are highly sophisticated and have options lists that can run to several pages and require dozens of choices. Based on the type of sailing you plan to do, your intended cruising areas, the age and fitness of the crew, the desire to create a specification that will be attractive should you sell on, and a myriad other practical considerations, we will guide you through this process of specifying your boat. Starting from the fundamentals of overall length, interior layout, keel types/depths and type of rig, we will take you right through the choice of interior finishes, electrical and navigation equipment, the pros and cons of generators, deep freezers, inverters to the choice of safety equipment. The result; a boat that fully reflects your needs; neither overly complex nor under equipped.


We are in constant close touch with the yards and visit frequently, we are, therefore, able to monitor the progress of your boat at all stages of production. Naturally we can also make the arrangements for you to visit at key stages during the build and to discuss any aspects of the process with yard staff. The payment terms for some yachts stipulate interim payments as various milestones of the build are reached. We ensure that you are fully aware of the timing of these milestones and will verify progress or arrange for you to do so.

Commissioning & Handover

Commissioning is a vital comprehensive check on the boat's systems and on its compliance with the final order. It is also the opportunity to fit any (non structural) items that you may have decided to add. We think it is highly desirable that we are involved with the commissioning since we can discuss and manage any issues that arise directly with the yard and based on our wide experience of their boats. We would normally be present at the final handover of the boat to ensure that you are totally happy that all is as it should be. Commissioning/Handover can take place at the yard or its adjacent port. We can also make arrangements for local commissioning in the UK or certain European ports.


We can make arrangement for your boat to be transported, shipped or sailed to any final destination. We have good relationships with transportation companies and delivery specialists who have proved their reliability over the years.


For boats venturing across the globe the appropriate registration is important and we can make all necessary arrangements for full UK registry or Small Ships registration.

Brokerage Purchases

The considerations when buying a yacht through the brokerage are somewhat different, although it is still vital to draw-up your list of key criteria. Having located a boat which appears to meet these criteria there are five areas that need addressing:

  1. Condition, you need to establish the condition of the boat, usually by a combination of personal inspection and a professional surveyor’s report. We can help you find an appropriate independent surveyor if required and any offer you make on a boat will normally be “subject to satisfactory survey”. It is really important to establish at this stage what if any work is required on a boat and its estimated cost. The survey may also alert you to the presence of extra equipment which an owner has installed or upgraded and can represent a significant potential saving for you in the future.

  1. Title. It is important to deal with a reputable broker who will be able to properly establish the ownership of any boat offered for sale and the existence of any outstanding finance which might impact the title.

  2. VAT status. It is crucial to establish whether a boat is fully VAT paid in the EU (If you intend to use the boat in the EU) and that there is sufficient original documentary evidence to satisfy all authorities. Our brokerage is highly experienced at navigating this complex territory and advising you on any areas of uncertainty.

  3. Location. Many of our listings are overseas and it is important to have a good idea of the boat’s condition and the costs/options of bringing a boat to your chosen location before spending money on travelling to see a boat. We pride ourselves on being able to give you an accurate picture of our listings and the possibilities and costs for bringing them to the UK or elsewhere

  4. Finance. Finding the right finance for a brokerage boat can be just as important as when buying a new boat and ensuring that all the necessary materials for Part 1 registration are available is vital if you intend to take out a marine mortgage. Again this is territory we know well.